Covers Title

Covers Title

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Th. E. H. The Blue-Collar Scholar, Cover Nr. 8, May 19, 2001

This is"Covers" work Nr. 8 --- ink on paper. 21 x 15 cm / 8.25 in x 6 in. Dated May 19, 2001
"Fighter of Lazy Thinking: Th.E.H. The Blue-Collar Scholar, 2001 A.D.," "Portrait of Th. Emil Homerin," "Finally! Not an Origin Issue!" In the upper left company box: "Key Human," the price: "2k x 12¢." Distributor: "Not Two Distribution Co." Other words: "Intense! Original! Mysticism! Poetry!"

A portrait Cover of my life-long close friend, Dr Prof Th. Emil Homerin, who made up the term "Blue-Collar Scholar" for himself, refelcting his background, and I feel it reflects mine as well. Reflecting Magnus Robot Fighter Gold Key Comics Cover style.

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