Covers Title

Covers Title

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Staff 'n' Eddie, Cover Nr. 15, June, 2001

This is "Covers" work Nr. 15 --- ink on paper. 21 x 15 cm / 8.25 in x 6 in. Dated June, 2001
"Staff 'n' Eddie," "Once Again Art is So Damn Full of Itself!," "Where are They When You Need Them!" In the upper left company box: "Comic? Art? JEH MSB," the price: "2k x 10¢."

Based on the collaborative duo art team I and Jeff E. Hoke had for a couple years. It was great fun. Check out his Museum of Lost Wonder. In the stamp at the top left, the left side is me, the right side Jeff.

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