Covers Title

Covers Title

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Go GHOTI, Cover Nr. 35, July, 2001

This is "Covers" work Nr. 35 --- ink and gouache on paper. 21 x 15 cm / 8.25 in x 6 in. Dated July, 2001. "Go GHOTI." Price "Lotso ¢." In the company box: "PHON-et-ICKS tm" In the drawing caption box left "Just say "FISH"! In the drawing caption box right: "At its Best! Linguistic Logic!" Under the date, a very tiny: "V, F, PH" (refering to German). In the circle top right: an image of an old-style telephone receiver, ampersand and a cross-out-'x.' The apparently abstract image is actually a close-up, enlarged image of very small sketched "FPHGH" by me. "GHOTI" is a artificial word created to display the irregularities in English spelling from a phonetic point of view, thus pointing out some silliness to learning phonetics, although I always enjoyed it. Attributed often to George Bernard Shaw, he himself attributed it to an annoymous spelling reformer. This is for my sister Marcia Brandl Willhite, who always found teaching and learning phonetics to be pointless. tm, (c) 2001 MSB

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